Want to Lose Weight Faster? Korean Magical Drink is Help Belly Fat

Weight loss Drink & Lose Belly Fat Fast Overnight

Do You Want to Lose Weight Faster? Korean Magical Pomegranate-Vinegar Drink is Helping Woman Shed Belly Fat. 

How Asians maintain their flawless, youthful skin and slender body frame? Korean researchers conducted a study revealing that consuming pomegranate-vinegar drink helps reduce belly fat and aids in weight loss. “Pomegranate-vinegar reduces belly fat accumulation,” they say, even suggesting that it has an ‘anti-obesity effect’.

Homemade Pomegranate Vinegar Recipe

Here is the recipe if you still want to give it a shot:

As a rough guide, you will need four kg (8.8 lb.) of pomegranate fruits to produce one liter (0.26 gallons) of pomegranate vinegar (after evaporation and filtration losses).


  • After peeling the fruits, juice them and placed the liquid in a juice jar. Refrigerate for two days. This will allow all the crushed seeds to settle to the bottom.
  • Filter the juice carefully, making sure the crushed seed does not enter the filtered part of the juice. Don’t throw away these crushed seeds as they can be eaten and are a good source of fiber.
  • After placing the filtered juice in a new juice jar, cover the jar with a cloth and fasten it properly with a rubber band. Store the jar in a dark room and allow the juice to ferment for 30 days.
  • Next, filter it a second time and ferment the twice-filtered juice for another 60 days. At the end of this 90-day fermentation process, filter the vinegar one last time.
  • Keep the filtered vinegar bottled, and store it in the refrigerator. It will be sharper and crisper during the next few days. Then, you can start using it.

Pomegranate-Vinegar Diet Menu Plan

Pomegranate-Vinegar Diet

Each day, drink a pomegranate-vinegar tonic before, during, or after any two meals. Because pomegranate-vinegar works without a special diet, there are no specific dietary guidelines you need to follow. Want to boost results? Experts say you should build most meals and snacks around healthy options like high-fiber whole grains, ultra-filling lean proteins, and lots of antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables.

Breakfast: Choose One Daily

Option 1: Unlimited whole-grain cereal, such as Kashi’s Dark Cocoa Karma shredded wheat. Unlimited 1% milk. Unlimited berries.

Option 2: 1 Spinach & Feta wrap or unlimited egg whites scrambled with veggies and cheese. 1 piece of fruit.

Lunch: Choose One Daily

Option 1: Grilled chicken breast, shrimp, or tuna over unlimited salad veggies, vinaigrette. Fruit or light yogurt.

Option 2: Any low-fat Subway sandwich. Apple slices or light yogurt.

Dinner: Choose One Daily

Option 1: Easy Chicken Parm: Slice sautéed chicken breast, top with low-sugar jarred sauce and a sprinkle of Parmesan; broil or microwave to melt; serve over whole-grain pasta. Large side of steamed broccoli or green beans with lemon and herbs.

Option 2: Deviled eggs made with low-fat mayo. Grilled or rotisserie chicken. Green beans and corn.

Option 3: Extra-lean burger on whole-grain thin bun or in whole-grain pita. Cheese slice, mustard, lettuce, tomato, pickles. Side salad, 1 tsp. olive oil or 2 tsp. vinaigrette.

Snack: Choose One Daily

Option 1: Low-fat ice cream.

Option 2: Low-fat cheese stick. 1 glass red wine.

Option 3: Handful of nuts. Fresh fruit or veggies.

Weight loss Drink And Belly Fat Gone Overnight / lose weight fast


Pomegranate-Vinegar Diet Cocktail Recipes

Love cosmos and margaritas? They’re yummier — and healthier — with pom-vinegar!

From New York City to Los Angeles to Portland, the trendiest bars are adding flavored vinegars to their cocktails. Amazing bonus: Each glassful offers the same health-boosting and waist-shrinking properties as virgin vinegar drinks. Options to try with bottled pomegranate-vinegar:

Pom Vinegarita

Shake 2 oz. tequila, 1 oz. undiluted pom-vinegar, and 1 oz. fresh lime juice with ice and pour into margarita glass.

Pomegranate Vin & Gin

Top off 1 1/2 oz. gin, 1 oz. undiluted pom-vinegar, and a spritz of lime with ice and club soda or tonic.

Other Health Benefits of Pomegranate Vinegar

Hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis). Early research suggests that drinking pomegranate juice might help to keep the arteries in the neck (carotid arteries) clear of the build-up of fatty deposits.

Clogged arteries (coronary heart disease). Some early research shows that drinking pomegranate juice might improve blood flow to the heart. However, drinking pomegranate juice does not seem to prevent narrowing of blood vessels in the heart (stenosis). Also, there is not enough information to know if drinking pomegranate juice helps to prevent heart disease-related events such as heart attack.

Dental plaque. Early research suggests that rinsing with pomegranate extract mouthwash for one minute once or twice daily reduces dental plaque.

Erectile dysfunction. Early research shows that drinking pomegranate juice daily for 4 weeks does not improve erectile dysfunction in men.

Muscle soreness after exercising. Early research suggests that drinking pomegranate juice twice daily for 15 days reduces muscle soreness after exercising in the elbow but not the knee.

High cholesterol (hyperlipidemia). Some studies show that pomegranate juice can lower total cholesterol and “bad” (LDL) cholesterol. However, other studies find no benefit. Pomegranate seed oil, but not pomegranate juice, may improve triglycerides and “good” (HDL) cholesterol levels.

High blood pressure (hypertension). Some research shows that drinking 50-200 mL of pomegranate juice daily for up to one year can lower systolic blood pressure (the top number) by 5% to 21%. Also, some research shows that drinking this amount of pomegranate juice can reduce diastolic pressure (the lower number), although other research shows no benefit. Drinking more than 240 mL of pomegranate juice daily does not seem to reduce blood pressure.

Metabolic syndrome. Early research suggests that drinking pomegranate juice daily for one month improves blood vessel function in adolescents with metabolic syndrome.

Muscle strength. Early research suggests that taking a specific pomegranate extract (POMx) twice daily improves muscle strength recovery after exercise.

Obesity. Early research suggests that taking a specific combination product (Xanthigen) containing pomegranate seed oil and brown marine algae reduces body weight in obese women with liver disease.

Gum disease. There is some evidence that painting the gum with pomegranate fruit peel extract in combination with gotu kola extract might improve gum disease.

Prostate cancer. Early research suggests that drinking pomegranate juice daily for up to 2 years might slow the progress of prostate cancer.

Inflamed and sore mouth (stomatitis). Applying a gel containing pomegranate extract to the gums improves symptoms in people with fungal infections in the mouth.

Sunburn. Early research suggests that taking pomegranate extract by mouth daily for 4 weeks does not reduce sunburn.

Sexually transmitted disease called trichomoniasis. Early research suggests that taking pomegranate extract might clear up trichomoniasis infections in women.

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