Tulsi Tea For Weight Loss With Recipe

Tulsi Tea for Weight Loss — Wouldn’t it be great if there was a drink that could help you with weight loss? Life would become so much easier, wouldn’t it?

The tulsi green tea might do wonders for you. It can help you with weight loss and has many other health benefits as well.

What is Tulsi?

Tulsi is commonly known as Holy Basil. It is referred to as “queen of herbs.” It is considered as sacred and is worshipped in India. Tulsi is known for medicinal properties and its essential oils. It has been used in Ayurveda since ages. Tulsi is regarded as the most important plant in Ayurveda. It is packed with antioxidants. It is taken as the herbal tea, powder, and fresh leaf.

The herbal tea made from tulsi helps reduce the stress and aids in weight loss. It boosts the immunity and has fat-burning properties. This is the reason that the tulsi plant is quite common in Indian households. Tea made from tulsi leaves also rejuvenates your body and removes toxic substances.

Tulsi Tea for Weight Loss

1. Improves Quality of Sleep

Tulsi Tea improves the quality of sleep and we know the importance of sleep. Insomnia often leads to weight gain. Also if you are up all night, you might crave for foods which will result in more caloric intake because poor sleep increases the appetite.

Moreover, sleeping less than 7 hours can undo the effects of dieting. Therefore, it is important to get proper sleep if you want to avoid obesity.

2. Lowers the Cholesterol

Tulsi tea for weight loss controls the bad cholesterol. Bad cholesterol often leads to weight gain and many other health problems like heart attacks, strokes etc. Green tea lowers the cholesterol and helps us maintain a healthy lifestyle.

3. Burns Fat

Catechins, anti-oxidant found in tulsi green tea, promotes weight loss. Studies suggest that catechin is capable of enhancing exercise-induced loss of belly fat.

A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggested that optimal consumption of catechin (690 mg) for 12 weeks reduced the fat area, waist, and skinfold thickness of participants who consumed it.

Catechin increases the amount of energy that the body uses and allows the body to make use of the excessive body fat which helps in weight loss.

4. Keeps Liver Healthy

The liver removes the toxic substances from your body, aids in digestion, regulates blood pressure, blood sugar etc.

It has many other tasks as well. But when our liver is overworked, toxic substances start to build up which can lead to weight gain.

Thus, it is very important to keep the liver healthy to avoid the weight gain. Tulsi green tea for weight loss is very helpful in keeping the liver healthy.

5. Improves Digestion

Tulsi tea for weight loss cleans your digestive system. A healthy digestion improves immunity, metabolism and maintains the hormonal levels in your body.

When you have a healthy digestion, the body breaks down food properly and eliminates the waste that it doesn’t need. But when you have a poor digestion, body stores this waste as fat which leads to weight gain.

Thus, healthy digestion is always good for weight loss and you can shed those extra pounds by maintaining a healthy digestion.

6. Reduce Cortisol Levels

When you are stressed, the body fails to perform its functions properly. At that time, the cortisol level increases. The excess of cortisol in your body leads to weight gain.

It is often noticed that when a person remains stressed for a long time, he experiences weight gain and many other health problems.

7. Improves Metabolism

The consumption of Tulsi green tea increases the metabolism. As we know, obesity is often the result of metabolic slowdown. As a result, the body is unable to convert food into energy and food is stored as fat instead.

You can avoid this situation though. Tulsi green tea improves your metabolic rate and keeps the fat away. This makes Tulsi tea for weight loss really effective.

How To Make Tulsi Tea?

You must drink Tulsi Tea every day for maximum benefits. Here is a simple recipe to make Tulsi Tea:


  • water
  • A pinch of ginger
  • Basil leaves (raw)
  • 1 dash honey
  • 1 dash lemon juice
  • ¼ tbsp. cardamon


For Hot Tea

  1. Pour 3 cups of water in a utensil.
  2. Add basil leaves, ginger, and cardamon to water.
  3. Boil it for 10 minutes.
  4. Add honey and lemon juice to it.
  5. Your tea is ready to serve.

For Iced Tea

  1. Strain and let it cool for 20 minutes.
  2. Refrigerate the tea for 45 minutes.
  3. Add ice cubes to it.
  4. The iced tea is ready to serve.

Note: Tulsi tea is safe to drink and has no reported side effects. But you should consult your doctor if you are pregnant or attempting to conceive.

Tulsi tea is quite beneficial and is very effective if you are looking to lose weight. To get the maximum results, drink tulsi tea twice a day. If you have any doubts, then feel free to ask us in the comment section below.

  • Other Benefits of Tulsi Tea
  • Treats Asthma
  • Relieves Headache
  • Good for Cold and Fever
  • Control Diabetes
  • Oral Health
  • Good for Skin and Hair
  • Reduces the Risk of Cancer
  • Cardiovascular Benefits



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