Top 10 Health Benefits of Guava Leaves

Guava (Psidium Guajava) leaves, as its fruits, are packed with food nutrients and has enormous medicinal benefits. Guava leaves are full of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agents, antibacterials, and even tannins. Health problems like diarrhoea, cholera, obesity, cancer and others can be prevented or cured with guava leaves.

You can brew the leaves to make tea. This releases beneficial substances which help in solving and preventing many health problems.

1 Help to weight loss

Guava leaves help prevent complex carbohydrates from turning into sugars that are known for stimulating food cravings and excess weight gain. This is why it can help you with your weight loss goals.

2 Reduce the effects of diabetes

Guava leaves lower the body’s glucose levels, without creating a rise in the insulin levels.

3 Reduces level of Cholesterol

High levels of cholesterol in the blood can cause health problems. Guava leaves contain active phytochemical compounds such as gallic acid, catechin and epicatechin which can inhibit pancreatic cholesterol esterase which can reduce cholesterol level slightly.

4. Help fight diseases like cancer

Due to high quantities of the antioxidant lycopene, guava leaves can help fight cancer,especially breast, prostate, and oral cancers. Research reveals that guava extract helps inhibit the production of androgen, the male hormone that is responsible for promoting the growth of prostate cancer cells.

5 Reduces Pain

Guava leaves contain quercetin. This component is very effective in reducing the pain of arthritis. Quercetin can also help to reduce the effect of infection and eliminate its pain.

6 Reduce the side effects of allergies

By halting the creation of histamine, guava leaves can reduce side effects of allergies. They can also be a welcomed remedy for minimizing the swelling of insect bites.

7 Prevents Hair Loss

Boil guava leaves, allow to cool and massage onto the scalp. You may also crush the leaves and rub them on the scalp. This can prevent hair loss and promote hair growth.

8 Help control your blood pressure

Guava leaves are known to help control blood pressure by preventing blood from thickening and promoting the fluidity of blood flow throughout the body. The high fiber content and hypoglicemic nature of guava leaves are both known to be contributing factors to combating an elevated blood-sugar level.

9 Boosts Immunity

Guava leaves tea helps boost the immune system according to nutritionist Dr Anju Sood, and so reduces the risk of various illnesses.

10 Improves Quality of Sleep

According to Dr Ashutosh Gautam, taking guava leaf tea regularly helps improve quality of sleep. It calms your nerves and quietens your mind, making it easier to fall asleep.

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