Reduce 8 Kgs Weight in 1 Month Using Diet Coffee

If you are overweight, you will be looking for the best solution to lose extra kilos to get slim. Obesity is such as a disease that has become the most widespread now, and it can catch any one of you. When you get obese, you put your health at a risk, and your body becomes a house of serious health issues, such as heart diseases. Extra fat in your body is extremely harmful.

What to do to keep your weight in control? Many of you do not have a good control over your diet and activity plan. Almost, you all ignore regular physical activity. And also, you prefer the use of junk and fast food most of the times. And these things are the primary cause of body fat. In this video, I am going to share with you a simple remedy to reduce 8 kgs weight in one month only.

Lose Weight in One Week by Crash Dieting

For this simple home remedy to get slim and smart fast in 30 days, the ingredients you need:


  • Unprocessed Butter, two tsp
  • Milk, one glass
  • Cream, four tsp
  • Coffee, two tsp
  • Lavender flowers, a pinch


  • Take all the ingredients mentioned above.
  • After this, blend all the ingredients in a blender jar.
  • Next, strain this mixture, and you will get the best weight loss drink to reduce 8 kgs weight in 1 month ready to use.


Do not take breakfast, and use this one cup of this drink in your breakfast. Take one grapefruit or lemonade at 11 a.m. Use Green salad at lunch. At 4 p.m. take another cup of this drink. At 7 p.m. take your last meal. It is the best to use vegetable soup at dinner.

This simple remedy to reduce 8 kgs weight in 1 month is very effective, and also, it is easy to make and use. So, if you are worried because of your extra body weight, follow the simple remedy and get slim and smart.

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