How is rose water made at home?

The rose is red and the water is colorless and when you mix the two you get a beauty potion that acts like magic for your skin.

This beauty is potion, rose water. The Michelangelo contained the rose tea, the famous Egyptian queen Cleopatra rose banyos, and the Babur queens blended clay and rose water to make a beauty mask. A bottle of pure and natural rose water has tremendous benefits. And the good news is that you can make rose water without any additives at home. Keep reading to find out how.

Rose Water Benefits

  • One study found that rose petals and extracts of essential oils contain important antioxidants that inhibit cell damage and have therapeutic effects.
  • When applied topically, rose water works magically in reducing wrinkles and has a constrictive effect on the capillaries just below the surface of your skin.
  • It helps to heal wounds faster when applied topically. It can cure infections caused by burns and cuts and can reduce scars in a short time.
  • Helps reduce skin inflammation, redness and swelling. The antibacterial properties of rose water also support the prevention of acne.

How to Make Rose Water at Home?

There are two methods you can apply to get rose water at home.

Boiling Method

7-8 rose
About 1.5 liters of distilled water (or enough to pass on the roses)

  • Remove all rose petals and gently wash under warm water.
  • Put the leaves in a large pot and pour distilled water into it. (just enough to cover it up and not much)
  • Close the lid and cook the chopped fire until the leaves are all losing color.
  • Sew water and throw the leaves.
  • Keep it in a glass jar.



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