Diet program, How to Lose 15 kg in 1 Week

With a diet of 15 kilos a week, you can examine up to 15 kilos per week in a short time. As a healthcare site, our recommendation is to consult your specialist physician before starting this kind of heavy and low calorie diets.

It is possible to have serious health problems if you do not have the necessary checks, as there will be 15 kilos of heavy diet program in one week.

Breakfast in the morning; 1 slice bran bread, matchbox size cheese, herbal tea or green tea (without sugar) your breakfast is in the same way for 1 week.

1. Day

Lunch: 2 pieces of eggs, tomato and cucumber as a cold.
Dinner: 5 grilled meatballs (prepared without bread), green salad with lemon

Day 2;

Lunch: 1 bagel, 1 cup unsalted ayran

dinner: Half a portion of boiled chicken, green salad

Day 3;

Lunch: 200 grams skim yogurt, 1 slice bran bread, green salad,

Dinner: 2 large slices grilled meat, green salad

Day 4;

Lunch: 200 grams of potato salad prepared with boiled potatoes,

dinner: 5 lamb chops, green salad

5th day;

Lunch: 2 eggs, prepared with a menemen, green salad,

Dinner: 1.5 servings prepared by the boiled pasta, 1 bowl of lean yogurt

Day 6;

Lunch: 2 boiled sausages, green salad,

Dinner: 2 pieces of pepper stuffed with rice, 2 tbsp lean yogurt

Day 7;

Lunch: 100 grams white cheese, 1 slice bran bread, tomato and cucumber cold cuts,

dinner: Skewer grill, green salad

Note: A diet program that weighs 15 kilos in a week is a very heavy diet program. Do not apply without consultation with specialist physicians. You can also follow the ways in which you need to make a diet by reading our website and applying healthier slimming methods.

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