Black tea: Reduces stress hormones

What are the Benefits of Black Tea?

After drinking water, tea will drink the most consumed in the world. If you regularly consume black tea, you are likely to benefit from the benefits we are talking about.

Black tea loaded with antioxidants, which protect the cells from free radical damage and are called polyphenols, is definitely the leading anti-aging food.

It also provides mental alertness and is associated with reduced likelihood of developing ovarian cancer, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes and heart disease.

Tea is generally consumed in the East in a steaming and hot manner, while it is consumed in the West in icy or hot milk. Bergamot is called “Early Gray”.

It is the most popular of tea varieties and is consumed on a daily basis almost all over the world. So we know that there are definitely many fans, how healthy is it?

Increase Heart Health There are a number of studies that demonstrate the positive effect of heart health. In a study published in 2017, the effects of tea consumption on the risk of ischemic heart disease were examined.
The study investigated more than 350,000 men and women ages 30-79 living in various regions of China.

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