Aju Mbaise For Weight Loss: Benefits, Preparation

Many people in Nigeria spent lots of money & time to get the perfect body shape with no results.

But they forget that Nigerians are blessed with a huge variety of natural herbs, that were being used to solve different complex health problems during a long period of time! And one of the strongest and most effective ways to do this is Aju Mbaise recipe.

Aju Mbaise for weight loss (and for many other serious health issues) is a traditional & natural fat burning remedy, simply a combo of roots, leaves & bark of a special medicinal tree, that are wrapped together.

Let’s find out how to cook Aju Mbaise the right way and list the many benefits it gives!

1. Benefits of Aju Mbaise:

  • Weight loss & flat tummy: Aju Mbaise is extremely effective for losing overall weight and flattening your tummy – especially after childbirth (the biggest effect you will get if you use it within 3- 4 weeks of intensive planning).
  • Bad blood removal: Aju Mbaise helps to remove the stale and bad blood in the womb, the excess water & other postnatal substances left, that will quickly allow your stomach to return to its normal shape and size.
  • Irregularity in menstruation: Aju Mbaise normalizes the cycle, stops scanty painful menstruation.
  • Detoxification effect: A  woman who just miscarried or had an abortion can take it too to clear off dead particles.
  • Aju Mbaise is also natural fertility enhancer as it cleanses away the dead cells.
  • Ovulation correction remedy: it helps to make ovulation more stable and less painful.
  • Aju Mbaise helps to reduce tumor or fibroid at an early stage.
  • It eliminates mouth odor coming out from the stomach.
  • Aju Mbaise prevents the blockage of the fallopian tubes.
  • The remedy effectively nourishes the skin.
  • More than that, Aju Mbaise is a strong antidiabetic, tumors, cancer, malaria and ovary cysts remedy.

Aju Mbaise is just a blessing from Igbo land and there is no English name for Aju Mbaise yet.

2. Side effect of Aju Mbaise

There are no side effects of this remedy revealed.

However, you should be aware of these issues:

  • Overdosage can cause light-headedness.
  • While being on exclusive breastfeeding, drinking too much of the remedy can slim down the baby and cause drowsiness.
  • If you are on exclusive breastfeeding or if your baby becomes too light, stop until after breastfeeding.

Also, keep in mind this:

  • Aju Mbaise provokes hunger, so eat less, but more often.
  • For women yet to give birth, drink two cups a day during one month (1 cup in the morning and one before the night after 2 hours you have taken the meal) in order to avoid urgent menstruation.
  • If you are pregnant, the remedy may cause miscarriage, so check yourself before starting.
  • Aju Mbaise is recommended for mothers whose babies are taking solids and milk.

3. How to prepare Aju Mbaise for weight loss in 8 easy steps

  1. Wash the whole wrap with water, don’t loosen it up.
    2. Put it in a big pot.
    3. Pour in 2 liters of water to fully cover the Aju Mbaise.
    4. Add some cooking spices.
    5. Cook for half an hour to bring out Aju Mbaise’s golden color.
    6. Sieve the water into another bowl to cool it.
    7. Drink.
    8. Boil and drink the next day for the best results!


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