After Pregnancy: Get Your Tummy Back

This is a common dilemma for every woman turn mother after the birth of a part of them they have carried for up to nine months. The pain of child birth and the joy of hearing the cry of your newly born offspring is the dream of many women all over the world. Post child birth is however always the unwanted stage. Many women lose their once sexy body shape and, most of all, flat tummy. Here are some few tips you could do to get back in shape. Remember also that it took nine months to gain all these weight and so they cannot all disappear in a few days.


1. Do not begin any exercises or diet routine immediately after child birth. This could have adverse effect on your body and your baby. Allow your body to heal properly first.
2. Avoid skipping meals. Your body and your baby depend on it. New mothers need more energy in the first six months after child birth. Starving your self doesn’t equate to reducing body fat or getting flat tummy.
3. Note that many women naturally reduce in weight and get back their original shape few weeks or months after child birth so do not panic.
4. Breastfeeding helps to use up extra calories and reduce body weight. Although this is not the primary role of breastfeeding, it sure is one of the advantages.
5. Exercises help a whole lot when it comes to weight reduction and so doing workouts specially designed for the tummy could be effective. You should however begin with light workouts and gradually increase the intensity. You should combine endurance exercises like walking,  running, cycling and swimming with tummy exercises like sit-ups, head lifts, shoulder lifts and stomach crunches. It is more ideal however for you to get a professional fitness trainer at your local gym.
6. There is however an old fashioned way of getting your tummy back to the way you want it. It has worked for many and could work 4 you too. Just wrap a piece of cotton cloth round your belly and waist continually for a week or two after delivery.
Try these tips and you might just get your desired body and tummy back.

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