11 Best Herbs To Reduce Belly Fat

Weight loss supplements and “miracle cures” may seem tempting, but most of them are just eyewash. If you’re someone looking to lose weight and your belly fat naturally, what are your options? As it turns out, some popular herbs that you probably toss into your meals or teas without a second thought may be more useful with weight loss than you knew! From peppermint to parsley, your options are plenty – by restoring hormonal balance, easing gas, helping digestion, and much more, they’ll be the boost that you desperately seek. Here are the 11 best herbs to reduce your belly fat.

1)Coleus Forskohlii:


Coleus forskohlii aids in weight loss. A concentrated forskolin extract has been shown to burn fat. Forskolin also helped obese men manage their weight in small clinical trials, reports Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Society. It also stimulates your thyroid and boost your metabolism.

2)Dandelion Roots:



If your belly fat is due to water retention, dandelion herb can come to your rescue. Dandelion is a natural diuretic which increases your urine output. Dandelion will improve your liver’s functioning capacity. It will flush out retained water and toxins out of your body, especially from belly area which you know by the name of abdominal bloating. Combined with some fat reducing spices, dandelion tea not only tastes good but helps reduce belly fat which is due to water retention.



Ginseng is a powerful substance that can increase energy, boost your metabolism, increase strength, and increase endurance. This substance is highly recommended for people who are overweight and suffer from excessive water weight. Ginseng can also be used as a remedy for several other health conditions such as high blood pressure and so much more. Add those spices to your current health foods and experience an extra boost in how quickly you can lose belly fat, lose weight, and improve your complete overall health!



Guggul is a very powerful fat burner and the best-known cholesterol-lowering herb. In the further study of guggul on 40 patients with heart disease, it was found that blood fat was reduced by 21.75%, including LDL, VLDL, and triglycerides, and a 35% increase in HDL.

5)Gurmar Leaves:


Gurmar herb, an Ayurvedic wonder which helps in suppressing your appetite. The fresh leaves can be chewed and are known to slow down the absorption of sugar into the blood stream and also the conversion of sugar into fat. Therefore, it also helps in reducing sugar cravings.

6)Milk Thistle:


Milk thistle (Silymarin Marianum) is commonly thought of as a prickly weed. However,this is an herbaceous plant with amazing ability for liver detoxification. It is worth mentioning that it has more than 2000-year history of medicinal use. When it comes to weight control, it shows potential as weight-loss treatment in some ongoing studies. And a chemical called silymarin is considered the key, active ingredient in helping lose belly fat.



Oregano helps you lose weight. It has an active component called carvacrol that helps dissolve fat. This herb also aids digestion and reduces bloating. In addition, it helps fight depression and stress, two common causes of overeating and weight gain.


Peppermint promotes digestion and bowel movements and thus helps in losing body weight. It also reduces stress and stress eating.


Sage is another great weight-loss herb, thanks to its stimulant, diuretic and antioxidant properties. Being a stimulant, it boosts your metabolic rate to help you burn more calories. In addition, it helps reduce inflammation, treat anxiety and promote sound sleep.



Spearmint regulates estrogen levels, a hormone that can accumulate and store fat.

11)Yerba Mate:

Yerba Mate boosts your metabolism and is full of essential nutrients. It also supresses the appetite and improves digestion, thus helps in weight loss.

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