10 Most Powerful Fat Burning Fruits

Fruits contain very few calories while also being jam-packed with vital nutrients to keep out stomachs full for longer. The best thing is that you can virtually enjoy fruits anywhere and anytime – during breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and even as a snack for in-between meal munchies.

1 Apples

Apples are one of the most fiber-rich sources found in nature. Studies show that fiber is an integral part of reducing visceral fat (belly fat). Studies indicate that higher soluble fiber intake per day is effective at reducing belly fat by 3.7% over a period of 5 years.

2 Apricots

Despite their cute size, fresh apricots are a reliable source of insoluble fiber for people going through a low-fat diet program. The fiber absorbs greater quantities of water and maintains a longer feeling of being full after eating. Fiber is a natural material that has been found to contribute help with weight loss.

3 Avocados

Avocados are notorious for being high in fat, but a lesser-known fact is that they help in burning fat as well. The high amounts of omega 9 fatty acids, which are categorized as mono-saturated fats, helps our metabolic processes of converting fat into energy.

4 Coconuts

Coconuts are naturally sweet, and small servings of its meat can easily satisfy hunger. Becoming full quickly means you’ll limit your intake of food. They are also loaded with medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) which can boost our metabolism’s efficiency by up to 30%.

5 Honeydew

Honeydew melon, commonly referred to simply as melon, is rich is a number of nutrients and vitamins. It contains lots of vitamin C which boosts our immune systems and fights against fat buildup. It’s also a great source of vitamin B complex which breaks fat down and converts it into energy.

6 Lemons


It’s common knowledge that lemons are great for detoxifying. Lemons work wonders as liver detoxifiers, and having a healthy liver means being able to maintain the ability to digest food and burn fat. Lemons also prevent the accumulation of fat in the body.

7 Pomegranates

Studies have shown that the antioxidants found in pomegranates are helpful in boosting our metabolism. Plus, they are great at lowering our appetites, making them the perfect breakfast drink or smoothie ingredient. There’s nothing better than living healthy but also satisfying your sweet tooth!

8 Watermelon

The most popular summer fruit is the watermelon which also happens to be extremely good for your health. Even though they contain slightly high levels of sugar, the water in watermelons acts as an intoxicant for neutralizing the sugar’s effects. To enjoy its health benefits, watermelon can be prepared in salads, as agua fresco, or eaten raw

9 Strawberries

You won’t find a better source of fiber and nutrients than what’s in strawberries. These tasty fruits are pros at burning fat. If that wasn’t enough of a plus in and among itself, strawberries have a high fiber content that keeps your belly full between meals so you won’t feel the urge to snack.


There are so many health-related benefits to grapes that we can’t list all of them here. For starters, grapes are high in fiber and have a lower sugar content than other fruits. Grapes also contain powerful antioxidants called polyphenols, which are good for your skin.

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